2006.09.03 start[FOUNDER/CEO/OWNER]

Robotic research center in Sri Lanka.

Airport & Aviation Katunayeka

2010.05.01 to 2011.01.31[Trainee Engineer]

Rakitha Brito was correlated to airport as an under graduate trainee engineer. He was invented many innovations for airport. In specially, he was won the Megara Ranathunga trust award for innovation which innovates for airport in 2012.

MAS Holdings Unichea

2012.04.01 to 2014.08.01[Research & Innovation Engineer]

Brito was ally to MAS Holdings Unichela Panadura as a research and innovation engineer. It’s an under wear manufacturing factory. Their main production item was women bra. He was invented more than 60 innovations for MAS Unichela.  Most of them are for critical points of bra manufacturing. Such as pneumatic bra wire inserting machine, wing welding machine, loop cutter, welbon cutter, etc…

He was the first research and innovation engineer in MAS Unichela Panadura

MAS Holding Rapid

2014.08.01 to 2014.08.15[Research & Innovation Engineer]

After MAS Unichela, Transfer to MAS Rapid as a research and innovation engineer. His anticipation is manufacturing more and more innovations for this factory.

JLanka Technologies(pvt)ltd

2014.07.08 to 2015.09.08[Automation Engineer/ consulting]

Withal he works at JLanka Technologies as an automation engineer. His anticipation is manufacturing more innovations for that organization.

JLanka Industrial Automation(pvt)ltd

2015.09.08 to 2017.03.31[Head of the Automation]

He was ally to JLanka Industrial Automation as a head of the Automation. Then start and develop the company with Automation.

inQube Capital(pvt)ltd

2017.03.15 to current [Manager - Automation]

Brito was ally to inQube Capital as a Manager – Automation.